The Hangdowns

2003 — 2006

The Hangdowns were a self-proclaimed "full throttle punk/comedy act." They could not only get the audience singing, but they had a tendency to get them laughing with their ridiculous stage antics. Formed in early 2003 by Marc Muto (drums), Jordan Cumming (guitar/vocals) and Guy Thiffault (bass/vocals), the band's goal was to produce original music while at the same time making absolute idiots of themselves. 

Title Album #
Red Top Self-Titled 1
Fireban Self-Titled 2
Self Bortrait Self-Titled 3
It's Getting Old Self-Titled 4
Bunch of Jerks Self-Titled 5
Lean On You Self-Titled 6 Self-Titled 7
No Man Is An Island Self-Titled 8
My Obsession Self-Titled 9
Separation Anxiety Self-Titled 10
Disano Self-Titled 11
It's Getting Old (pt. 2) Self-Titled 12
No Release Self-Titled 13
Wasting Time Self-Titled 14


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